THE PEOPLE POLICE has been acquired by Leswee LLC and the rebranding name is MINORITY MERIT

Join the Movement to fight for Freedom, Liberation, Justice, Secondary Police Forces, and Empower Black Businesses!

Let’s Fight To Change Our Black Lives For The Better!


#TPP is a Black woman-led, young person-directed organization rooted in the Black Radical Tradition.

They have taken too many of our black lives every day by systemic racism and lack of security for us. One of our primary goals of The People Police is to promote a democracy that is more representative of black communities around the world implementing new authority to black law enforcement agencies, agency federal and state funding, and equal rights to state and police officers.

Why We Created #TPP

We created the People Police to build a global online network for all things black.

Yes we have mattered all along if some people haven’t noticed!

Black businesses, black restaurants, black stores, black wholesalers, black freelancers, black owned services, black jobs, and resources for our communities and kids to succeed is the goal. We need to build up our communities so we are in legislation making decisions and making change.


Thepeoplepolice2020 Initiative

#TPP will focus on issues concerning black business resources, racial injustice, criminal justice reform, Black immigration, police brutality, economic injustice, LGBTQIA+/human rights, women statistics, environmental injustice, healthcare issues in black communities, access to quality education, and rights for black voters.

This initiative will inspire, teach, reach, influence and motivate people to ask themselves and their candidates are you really addressing Black police brutality, Black rights, Black education, Black businesses and Black lives in 2020?

We can’t continue to allow the legislation to let us down and put us down we deserve justice, equal rights, and freedom.


Find out more about our campaign goals and focus.

Our black communities stick together elevate and teach one another imagine what we can accomplish. Let’s Work!

Supporting Our Community

We have a directory of small and large black-owned businesses that we encourage our black communities to support. Supporting a black-owned business ensures our communities thrive, reduce our poverty rates and grow to our fullest potential.

Click here to add your business to our black business directory

We Shall Not Forget To Stand Up Everyday

Black lives have always mattered. We have always been important. We have always meant something. We have always succeeded regardless. We will always be black and now is the time for us to STOP taking discrimination, systemic racism, and abuse in our communities and to our brothers and sisters.

We will always be black and now is the time to STOP taking the abuse.


Latest from the Blog

The People Police Blog For Our Communities To Stay Up To Date


Yes we said it don’t stop being black for a second! Don’t Stop Being Black And Stop Fighting For Our Rights Ever. Its Never To Late! #DontStopBeingBlackThe People Police. #TPP #DontStopBeingBlack movement is set to launch September 15th, 2020. The people police movement knows we cant stop here otherwise they will take advantage of us…

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